Was the first stitch you ever learned garter stitch? This simple stitch is created by using the knit stitch on every single row. It’s easy to learn but essential to master because it appears in a variety of projects throughout the Knit and Stitch Creative collection. Take time to watch the video above to finesse your technique.

Garter stitch creates a fabric that is stretchy and less prone to curling up, unlike the stocking/stockinette stitch (alternating knit and purl rows). You can also achieve garter stitch by purling every row, but this is more cumbersome. It sometimes is the main stitch of a whole make, such as the cotton wash mitt (Issue 3), the mohair scarf (Issue 5), the cosy shrug (Issue 12), and some of the mug hugs (Issue 13).

Knitted mug hugOur mug hugs in Issue 13 are great for beginners. The cream mug hug uses garter stitch only, plus we provide a pattern of how to add a knitted bobble to your work. There’s also a striped garter stitch mug that helps you apply your knowledge of colour changes. We first introduced colour changes with stocking/stockinette stitch in Issue 8 and you can watch the video here.

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