In this chilly weather there’s nothing as cosy as a cowl. These neck-hugging fashion makes are universally flattering and will suit both women and men. So far in Knit and Stitch Creative we’ve given a pattern for a simple cowl in Issue 3, a cosy cowl with bobbles in Issue 5 and a more complex striped neck warmer in Issue 9. Are you tempted to make one for Christmas?

Rectangle basics

Knitting a cowl is similar to knitting a scarf and needs little (if any) shaping. However, cowls tend to be much shorter than scarves as they only go around the neck once. While they have no standard width, they’re designed to hug your neck area. Our cosy cowl in Issue 3 is knitted in just stocking stitch (alternating knit and purl rows), so is great for beginners. It uses CreaCrafts Grisaille yarn – a teddy-bear bouclé fashion yarn that feels super soft against the skin. In the magazine, we suggest adding tassels to create a beautifully textured item.

Up a notch

If not tassels, why not customise with knitted bobbles? Knitted bobbles can be made in stocking stitch or garter stitch (knit stitch on every row) and will add something extra to your project. We suggest adding them to the lower edge of the cowl in Issue 6. This snug cowl in Issue 6 uses garter stitch only in a variegated yarn. You can make your bobbles in the same yarn, or use just one block colour for a contrasting effect.

Top Tips

Mobius, Moebius, Möbius
An example of a Mobius strip – an “impossible shape” that’s possible for scarves!

Cowls are known as “infinity scarves” for a reason – because they never stop! The crucial thing about making a cowl is look like a continuous loop or to mimic a Möbius strip, a rectangular shape that has a twist, resulting in one surface and one edge. To achieve this infinite look requires sewing as neatly and invisibly as possible. However, our striped neck warmer in Issue 9 is slightly different. It’s designed to fasten with three contrasting buttons, which will give you a chance to try and knit button holes, perhaps for the first time. This is a good project for intermediate knitters or beginner knitters looking for a challenge. This project also involves colour and texture changes between our crisp Harmony yarn (available here) and our fuzzy Grisaille yarn.

Feel inspired to make a cowl or neck warmer? Let us know in the comments, or tag us with your makes @CreaCrafts on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We may feature you on future blog entries!