CreaCrafts has a special Christmas present to readers – a unique knitted santa hat and two amazing ways of customising it! These fun festive hats are great to wear on Christmas day – and far classier than paper hats from a cracker. You can easily adapt them in your own colours and they’re brilliant last-minute stocking fillers.

Click here for an exclusive Santa hat pattern.

Here at Knit and Stitch Creative we’re all about customising our makes and learning new techniques. We asked one of our designers, Emma, to think of out-of-the-box customising ideas on the classic Santa hat. She drew up lots of sketches (see above) and decided for the main make to go for a chunky hat. They’re made using 6mm circular needles, although you can also use five double-pointed needles if you like. Instead of the traditional white fur trimmed edging, the first project goes for a white pompom border that’s both modern and jolly. We hope you love making it!

Our first customising idea is the Joyful Jingle Bells hat – Emma came up with the idea of crocheting a chain to write “joy” and then to sew it onto the front. We loved this idea as you can easily adapt crochet chains to write something else – maybe even your name. It’s also a great practice for newbie crocheters who will learn how to make their first crochet square in Knit and Stitch Creative, Issue 18.

For the second customising idea, the Crazy Christmas hat, we knew we wanted lights! Emma made this work by getting a battery-pack of fairy lights and sewing them to a hat. She also gave another option for a pompom bobble on the hat. Rather than using just white she used multiple colours, which stops the pompom being too traditional. If you want to learn how to make pompoms be sure to check out our videos here. We think this fairy lights hat will be perfect for brightening up New Year’s Eve when watching the fireworks.

Throughout the collection we will be offering fun and exclusive bonus patterns with lots of customising techniques. If you’re inspired to make any of our projects tag us @CreaCrafts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more – or leave a comment in the space below.

Emma is a knitwear designer with a degree in Fashion Knitwear and Knitted Textiles. You can find out more of her work at She also provides patterns for Knit and Stitch Creative magazine – look out for her ballet-style cardigan in Issue 28 and skinny scarf in Issue 29!