It’s almost 2018 and the start of a brand new year for knitting and crochet. Tomorrow night whether you’re merrily singing Auld Lang Syne, out watching fireworks or sat on the sofa, it might be good to start thinking what you’ll do differently knit and crochet-wise in 2018. Are you going to use up your yarn stash or buy more? Are you going to try and knit two squares for your throw every week, or do it in big loads? Will you get creative with your throw or try and tackle new projects?

Here’s what our regular contributors had to say.

Melanie, maker of the throw says: “I am going to try and use the Pantone colour of the year. I’d never usually consider using ultraviolet. Now seems the time.” Read an interview with Melanie here or visit her website.

Caroline, Editor of Knit and Stitch Creative’s special editions says: “My New Year’s resolution would be to be disciplined and try and use up my stash. I also want to learn steeking techniques.”

Kelly, Designer of Knit and Stitch Creative (magazines and special editions) says: “I don’t have any specific resolutions as I do enough knitting and crochet. If anything, I would try and use up the yarn I had before I bought any more – but that definitely won’t happen!”

Emma, one of our knitting designers says: “My new years knitting resolution would have to be to try and get some projects finished for myself. I constantly start project for myself but never finish because work deadlines come first. Hopefully this year I can find some me knitting time!” See Emma’s knitted santa hat here (includes free pattern!) or visit her website here.

Sophia, Deputy Editor and writer of all things CreaCrafts says: “My sister is graduating this year and I’m planning on designing and knitting her something special and intricate that I know will take a few months. Let’s hope she doesn’t read this!”

Annie, Social Media Manager of CreaCrafts (who’s from Scotland but lives in the Netherlands) says: “At Christmas I will dig through all the knitting stuff I stashed at my mum and dad’s when I moved abroad, and bring the best bits back to Amsterdam. So you could say that my knitting resolution is to finally sort through all my crafty goods and put things in their right places!”

Caro, Managing Designer of all things CreaCrafts says: “I am going to continue knitting the squares for my throw and pay attention to following the pattern. I sometimes forget my row count when I’m watching TV!”

What are your resolutions? Let us know in the comments, or tag us @CreaCrafts on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We may feature you on future blog entries!