Hairy and fluffy yarns are wonderfully tactile and look beautiful in a finished knitted or crocheted item. However, at a first glance these type of yarns may seem trickier to knit, especially if you haven’t had much practice. We feature a few fluffy yarns in our collection – Aerial, a fluffy fashion yarn, Craquelure, a fine and fluffy yarn and Haptic, a fluffy yarn that was featured in our e-Commerce wreath kit. Here are some handy hints to help you when dealing with hairy yarn.

1. Run the yarn over a candle

This will help the yarn to flow more easily and the stitches will show more clearly. Remember to wash the squares when you are finished.

2. Use light

If you are having difficulty seeing the stitches, hold the work up to a light source – a window with light (or sun) coming through. Alternatively, hold it in front of a bright lamp.

3. Don’t pull the yarn too tight

This will make it harder to see the stitches individually.

4. Use a teasel brush

If the hairs on the yarn get caught in the fabric you can use a teasel brush to lightly comb the square, so bringing the pile/fluff back to the fabric.

5. Track your rows

It’s much better to track your rows as you go along or if you use a stitch counter, as it may be harder to count your stitches as you work your way through your project.

6. Keep going!

Crocheting with hairy yarn can be tricky to see stitches clearly. However, after a foundation row this should become a lot easier. Equally, with our Grisaille yarn it becomes a lot easier to knit once you have gone through a few rows – and the results will end up fabulous!


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