Some say the third weekend in January is the most depressing day of the year. While this doesn’t have any scientific basis, it is true that Christmas is well and truly gone and New Year’s Resolutions are starting to wane. Our no-chocolate eating resolution ended on the 4th of January! So if you are feeling the Blue Monday sadness, it’s good to take some time out and find comfort in knitting and crochet. Here are some knitting and crochet ideas that will perk you up today.

1) Curl up in comfort

Mondays don’t have to mean glumdays – get a blanket, sit on the sofa or a comfy chair, put the fire on (if you have one) and have a cup of tea. Work on a knitting project listening to an audiobook or even in silence – and for an hour try not to think of anything else!

2) Make something for yourself

If you’re anything like us you’ll be knitting and crocheting gifts for your friends and family but hardly have anything for yourself. Well – make today your day. Choose a simple project and treat yourself. You are worth it too.

3) Do a Knit and Stitch Creative square

Knit and Stitch Creative magazine comes out every week (or you receive four a month if you’re a subscriber). If you’re not up-to-date with your squares you don’t need to punish yourself or worry – why not look at a square you’ve wanted to try and skip ahead? No one says you have to do the squares in order.

4) Try a new skill

Are you new to knitting or crochet? Today may be your time to learn.

If you’re new to knitting learn the basics through these videos here:

If you’re new to crochet learn the basics through these videos here:

5) Use a yarn from your stash

Have you seen a ball of yarn you’ve been meaning to use forever but never got round to? Well why not use it to try a knitting or crochet technique you’ve not done before – whether it’s cabling, steeking, adding buttons or trying out a new stitch – make it a fun little learning project.