Knitting on the round with double-pointed needles


Have you ever tried knitting on the round? Many knitters of varying levels prefer knitting in this way rather than knitting flat with two flat needles. In the video above you’ll learn how to knit in the round using double-pointed needles, although you can also knit with circular needles.

Slouch-style cat slipper socks knitted in the round with double-pointed needlesDouble-pointed needles are essential for knitting small tubes such as when knitting socks or mittens. They are used in Knit & Stitch Creative’s Baby Animals special when knitting cute slouch-style kitten socks. These socks are a good approach to this knitting method as they don’t have a turned heel, which makes them easier to make than other types of socks.

With double-pointed needles and circular needles it’sĀ essential to mark the beginning of each round. To do this with double-pointed needles you must place the marker one stitch from the end of the last needle of the round, then knit until you reach the marker and slip the marker as each round is completed.

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