CreaCrafts run Knit & Stitch Creative, a magazine collection (commonly known as a “partwork”) that builds up over time. Through the collection you will receive all the yarn you need to create a beautifully tactile throw and cushions, as well as an accompanying magazine with extra patterns, customising techniques and know-how. Now that we’ve reached the issue 20s we’ve been frequently asked: “How do I organise my folders?!”

We designed the collection so that you can file each page of the magazine into specific sections. Every page in the magazine is easy to tear apart and organised into our ring binders. You will receive a ring binder every 25 issues – the first one came with Issue 3 and the next ones come with Issue 26 and Issue 51. The dividers were included with Issue 4 and labelled under the following sections: “Patchwork Collection”, “Fashion Makes”, “Accessories”, “Home Comforts”, “Easy Does It!”, “Customising Techniques” and “Know-How”.

Each page of the magazine has the name of the divider section at the top and a number. Put each page from a magazine at the back of a section. For example, “Fashion Makes 1” – the bobble hat, is the first page to be filed under the “Fashion Makes” section, with each “Fashion Makes” project being put behind it. (E.g. 1: Bobble Hat, 2: Triangular Wrap, 3: T-Shaped Sweater, 4: Striped Sweater, 5: Cotton Camisole and so on).

We suggest that you put the magazine covers at the front of the fold , before the “Patchwork Collection” section. This means they become contents pages, and you can look for example at Issue 7, and go straight to Know-How 8 to learn about Circular Knitting, rather than having to go through every page in the folder trying to find what you’re looking for.

But (we hear you cry) “my binder’s almost full, how can I organise it now?“. We’ve even heard some people buying multiples of Issue 3 so they can have a folder for each section – but you don’t have to do this! We suggest when you get the next folder (Issue 26), moving over “Customising Techniques” and “Know How”, and in time also moving over “Easy Does It!” and “Home Comforts” as the folders become more full. Another option is to use your first folder for only the “Patchwork Collection”, so you have a binder specifically for your throw and cushions patterns, and a binder for everything else.

Don’t fancy that? We’ve noticed that some people like to file their magazines by issue instead (e.g. Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3). This also makes sense as you can see everything building up over time. So the decision ultimately rests with you – and how you personally like to organise everything.

Does this help? Contact us @CreaCrafts on Facebook if you have any queries – Be sure to ask for the Editorial team so we definitely get the message!