It’s a week until Valentine’s day, and six days until Galentine’s or Palentine’s (celebrating your friends), so it’s a time to really feel the love. To celebrate, CreaCrafts has another special knitting treat for you – a free heart cushion pattern! This lovely chunky cushion is knitted on 8 millimetre needles, and while it’s themed for the season, we think it will be a love-ly addition to your home all year round.

Click here for an exclusive Valentine’s cushion pattern!

We asked our designer Emma to come up with new ideas and original takes on a simple heart cushion. She drew up sketches for us and we deliberated over colours – would we go down a traditional red or pink route, or opt for something completely different? In the end we decided to choose a traditional hot pink colour, but feel free to choose any colours you like!

This pattern is all about customising. The first customising idea is using pompom lace fringing around the cushion, as well as knitting a smaller white heart to decorate the centre. The second idea is creating a crochet chain and spelling and sewing a word onto the cushion – we chose the word “love” but you could always choose your own name or partner’s name. Or what about a his’n’hers set?!

For our third customising idea, Emma decided to go with embellishing the heart by cutting out felt hearts and sewing and pinning them in vertical rows. We loved this mix of crafts and we think lots of people will like it – from young children to sentimental adults. We hope you enjoy making it!

Emma is a knitwear designer and designs makes for Knit & Stitch Creative magazine (such as the ballet-style cardigan in Issue 28) and also designed our joyful knitted Santa hats – another pattern you can see here. You can find out more of her work at