Valentine’s day is fast approaching and love in the air. When we were looking through our issues we noticed something else that we love – hearts! Here are our projects in Knit & Stitch Creative that include hearts in some way, shape or form in the collection. Are you tempted to make any?

1) Statement buttons

In Issue 2 we suggested that you sew buttons in a heart shape onto a plain cushion – this is a simple and effective up cycling trick (bottom right picture). Alternatively you can use dainty heart buttons in your makes – such as with our laptop case (Issue 5, top middle picture) – which incidentally would be a good project for your loved one.

2) Be charm-ing

Add heart charms to a knitted and crochet make for a little extra love. We added heart charms to our phone case in Issue 11 (top left) – would you be tempted to do the same?

3) Lovely lights

This simple lampshade cover from Issue 11 is knitted with cable needles (top right), and is a good way to introduce you to the technique. The lampshade requires no shaping so it’s simple to make with effective results. A little hanging heart complements the lampshade and gives it a sweet rustic touch.

4) More motifs

Appliqué motifs add something extra to knitted and crochet makes, and you’ll find out all about them in Issue 26. We added an appliqué heart to this tissue box cover (bottom right) – bless you!

5) So sequins

We added sequins to this knitted hot water bottle with cabled hearts (bottom middle picture). It’s a comforting make through and through and will warm you up on dark days.

Are you tempted to make any? Let us know on Facebook @CreaCrafts!