CreaCrafts’ magazine collection, Knit & Stitch Creative, features knitting, crochet, felting and crewelwork projects. Crewelwork refers to any type of embroidery stitched with woollen thread, and so far in the collection we’ve had some absolutely beautiful stitched projects – and there’s more exciting things to come!

Our main crewelwork designer is Sam Beresford, who has been sewing since she was a young child. After her A-Levels she went on to do a 3-year apprenticeship at the Royal School of Needlework where  she learned techniques for all levels of embroidery – from military garments to repairing antique textiles. She loves heavily stitched, textured embroidery and anything that’s three dimensional.

When we commission her for designs our Editor narrows down a colour palette – something Sam says is useful because in her own work she tends to “change colour combinations endlessly!”. One of her first big projects was in Issue 16  – the flamingo slip cover for a lampshade. Flamingos were a big trend of 2017 and we loved this modern, clean design. The good thing about this design is that the size is adjustable to your lampshade – all you have to do is position the flamingoes to fit the correct depth and circumference of the shade.

As the collection progresses we can introduce projects that involve more complex stitching techniques. In Issue 16 we introduced simple straight stitches and the lazy daisy stitch. Lazy daisy stitch is one of the oldest embroidery stitches in existence and consists of a group of chain stitches arranged in a way that makes them imitate the petals of a daisy. Click here for free bonus templates to try them out.

Crewel work linen cloth, Sheep notebook, Flamingo Lampshade In Issue 22 we introduce French knots into the collection. French knots are isolated knotted stitches that are used to add textures and details or to fill in small areas. We used this idea to create the seed-head canvas, which would look charming hanging up on the wall (how about making a set?). Our designer Susie Johns also  heavily used French knots for our Baby Animal’s special lamb design, which can be mounted in a frame or used as a notebook project. (Click here for the free bonus template)! The fact that these projects are so different shows how exciting French knots can be.

We asked Sam what her favourite project was so far and she said “I just love stitching anything! But I did enjoy embroidering the table runner, its very pleasing that with a few stitched lines and French knots you can create so much texture.” This charming table runner is featured in Issue 27. It uses lollypop-style flowers and an interesting design that will look effective in any room.

Are you inspired to look into crewelwork? Have you made any of our projects from the magazine? Please share your makes with us @CreaCrafts on Facebook!