We all know how special our mums are and Mother’s Day this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to show how much we care, so why not take the time to make a gift? In Issue 16 of Knit & Stitch Creative, you’ll find instructions on how to make a simple lavender sachet. Made from small squares of linen and decorated with embroidery, this mini project is quick and simple to make. Click here to download the bonus pattern to help you create this gift.

The giving of gifts to mothers at this time of year stretches back a long way. In the UK, Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent when it was traditional for people to return to their place of birth and worship at their ‘mother church’. The day, therefore, became a time of homecomings and reunions. In particular, Mothering Sunday was when women who worked in domestic service were allowed a day off to visit their mothers.

It’s believed that the tradition of giving presents on Mother’s Day came about because, as people travelled towards their home and to church, they picked wild flowers along the way to give as gifts. You too can keep this charming custom going by making your mum a gift with a floral theme. The Knit & Stitch Creative Issue 16 lavender-embroidered scented sachet is perfect to pop into a drawer or keep in the airing cupboard – as well as being the ideal present for your mother’s special day!