In CreaCrafts’ magazine collection, Knit & Stitch Creative, we tailor the magazines as if they were a gradual learning course – starting with the basics and developing the reader’s skills as they grow and develop. Through the collection we hope you’ll not only become an advanced knitter (and create our beautiful throw, of course!), but you’ll learn crochet, felting and crewelwork along the way.

This week we’re at Issue 27 and we’ve started getting into more unusual stitches for the squares. We always try and incorporate new stitches in projects so you can practise them with your squares and master them in bigger items to knit and crochet. This week we looked into pique stitch, a combination of stocking and garter stitch that’s worked to create alternating blocks. We then provide a pattern for a charming sleeveless top that’s knitted in pique stitch. We think this top will be lovely in the summer months.

Are you tempted to try this stitch? Let us know!