Easter’s on its way so instead of heading off to the sweet shop, why not get out your knitting needles or crochet hook and make something? We’ve got two patterns for you to try – one for a pair of adorable knitted ducklings (download here) or a crochet pattern for half-a-dozen jolly Easter eggs (download here).

The eggs are made from a combination of turquoise, white and yellow 4-ply yarn; you’ll need just yellow and turquoise for the ducklings. Lengths of yellow and turquoise ribbon are sewn to the tops of the eggs and the ducklings to transform them into decorations so you can hang them around the home come the Easter weekend. The eggs are filled with polystyrene egg shapes – if you prefer you could stuff them with polyester toy filling – this is what’s needed to pad out the ducklings.

If you don’t want to turn your eggs and ducklings into decorations, you can leave off the ribbons. Arrange the eggs in a bowl and they’ll look lovely placed on a table or on a chest of drawers. And why not use the ducklings and eggs as table decorations for a special Easter lunch or tea?

If you can bear to part with these cute ducklings and sweet little eggs, then they would also make perfect presents – there’s nothing quite like a hand-made gift on a special occasion. Why not get creative and personalise the eggs with initials? Simply use running stitches or backstitch to embroider your chosen letters onto the eggs when they’ve been made up. You could also turn your ducklings or eggs into scented treats. Use polyester toy filling to stuff both and tuck some sprigs of dried lavender into the centre of the filling.