Once you’ve spent the time hand knitting an item it’s nice to add a final personal touch. Whether you’ve made something for yourself, a friend or a family member, adding initials or numbers lets them know the make is specially made for them alone.

Adding initials and words is best done by using duplicate stitch, an crafting technique that we first introduced in¬†Issue 5 of Knit & Stitch Creative magazine. Duplicate stitch, also known as Swiss darning, is a decorative stitch that is added over stocking stitch (also known as stockinette stitch). Stocking stitch lends itself well to this technique because the texture provides a ready-made grid. It’s a great way of adding detail or extra colour to an item without using the intarsia method.

In Issue 5 we suggested adding numbers to your items as diverse as golf clubs and baby’s play cubes. In Issue 29 of the magazine we’re revisiting this idea with letters, giving ideas for adding initials onto cardigans and even hot water bottles. It also may be a good idea for your throw, as a personal heirloom – the choice is yours. Click¬†here for a free bonus alphabet chart that will help you with your projects!