All knitters have to start somewhere. A lot of us will have been taught how to knit by our mums, grans and other relatives – there’s a long tradition of handing down knitting skills through the generations. Others will have been inspired by books and magazines to have a go – learning all the techniques they need from know-how features and articles. Some of us may have picked up our skills from friends or may even have joined a knitting group. And today, of course, we can draw on the knowledge of knitters from around the world as we research knitting techniques online.

Some new knitters start sensibly and make little swatches of knitting stitches so they get a chance to practise techniques. But lots of us can’t resist starting with an actual project!

We asked some of our regular Knit & Stitch contributors how they got started and whether they could remember their first-ever make.

Lynne, editor of Knit & Stitch Creative:

“I have been knitting and designing for as long as I can remember. I was taught by my grandmother who worked as a knitting pattern checker for magazines. My grandfather was a machine knitter and made my school jumpers and cardigans throughout my primary school years – knitting played a large part in our family life.

My first design was an outfit for my Sindy doll. I can remember drawing the design and working out the stitches and rows. I sorted wool and knitted the design over a weekend. I was about 7 years old at the time.”

Melanie, the designer and maker of our throw:

“The very first thing I remember knitting was a patchwork blanket with my Gran.  She was always making them for charity and would get my sister and I to help.”

Caroline, editor of the Knit & Stitch Creative special editions:

“I’m not sure I can remember the first thing I ever knitted – I’ve been knitting for so long! As I was probably 10 or 12 years old, it was most likely a scarf for a doll or a soft toy. The first big project I remember knitting was a Fair Isle waistcoat. The finished thing was beautiful but far too big and I learned an important lesson – always swatch for tension first!”

Caro, managing designer at creaCrafts:

“The very first thing I ever knitted was a mohair jumper. I got help from my mum who knitted toys, clothes, cushions – she just loved knitting! It was the 1970s and we sixth formers used to spend hours sitting on the playing fields, nattering and knitting. It was a release from studying and is a very vivid memory: the blue skies, the yellow mohair and the smell of grass in the summer!”

Can you remember how you got started? What was the first thing you ever knitted – or crocheted? Do you still have your very first make? Let us know in the comments, or tag us @CreaCrafts on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We may feature you on future blog entries!