If you enjoy trying out new techniques in knitting then issue 31 of Knit & Stitch Creative features a know-how that’s right up your street! In this article you’ll discover how to create bobbles in knitting – a great way to add textural interest to your makes.

In this technique, you work increases into one stitch several times to produce a section of knitting with a rounded shape that stands proud of the surface. You can form bobbles by using the same stitch as the rest of the knitting – in other words, work stocking stitch bobbles on stocking stitch – or you can add extra interest by creating bobbles in a different stitch – such as working garter stitch bobbles on stocking stitch.

You can also experiment with how you group the bobbles in your knitting. Try working them in rows or clusters or use them to accent details in a design. Bobbles also work well when teamed with other textural stitch patterns – use them with ribbing, twisted stitches and cable patterns.

And why not experiment with colours? Bobbles can be knitted in a different coloured yarn to the rest of your make so that they really pop out! The jolly bobble tea cosy in issue 31 is a perfect example of how this design idea can work.

As with all new skills, have a go with some spare yarn before embarking on a full-length project. This gives you the chance to practise the technique as well as letting you try out colours and design ideas. And whatever you’re making with bobbles, don’t forget to share it with us!