Did you make the cute little teddy in issue 28 of Knit & Stitch Creative? If you did, now’s the chance to make a special outfit just for him. And if you didn’t, why not try the teddy pattern and then have a go at making the cosy little sweater you’ll find in issue 33?

Made in creacrafts Harmony, in a fetching shade called Duck Egg, this jolly little jumper is just the job for any bear about town! You’ll find all the instructions on how to make the sweater in issue 33, along with an idea for customising yours with fly stitch. In a lot of patterns for toy sweaters with sleeves, you will find the sleeves are knitted as one piece, along with the front and back. In this pattern, the sleeves are separate and so the pattern is much more like one for a ‘real’ sweater – by knitting toy clothes you get the chance to practise garment construction on a small scale!

The sleeves are also made using a shaping method known as short-row knitting. In this technique, a row is partially completed and then the work is turned and worked back to the starting point. By repeating this process you end up with one edge of your work longer than the other and you get a gently shaped piece of knitting. It’s a very useful technique to master so by making this teddy sweater you’ll get the chance to try it out on a small garment. You’ll also find a step-by-step guide to short-row knitting in the know-how feature of issue 33.

And if you’ve enjoyed making teddy and his sweater, then look out for issue 42 where you’ll find a pattern for a gorgeous flop-eared bunny, dressed in adorable dungarees and sweater.