We know you creacrafters love trying out new skills so in Issue 34 of Knit & Stitch Creative we’re introducing you to loop knitting. This technique allows you to create a fabric with a fur effect – loops of yarn give your knitting a distinct pile.

You can use this technique to add fluffy-looking collars to sweaters, cardigans and jackets or to create cuffs for sleeves, gloves and mittens. The garments don’t even have to be hand-knits – why not use the technique to customise shop-bought clothing? In Issue 34 you’ll find a pattern for a gorgeous handbag, trimmed at the top with a section of loop knitting – the perfect example of how you can use the technique to embellish accessories as well as garments. You could even add a border of looped knitting to a blanket or throw for an extra-snuggly finish!

Just how fluffy the looped knitting is depends on the size and number of loops you make and on the yarn you use. You can space single loops far apart for a sparse look or make them closer together for a dense finish. You can even work loops in clusters for maximum fluff-effect.

It’s also possible to cut the loops to create a fringed effect – rather like a shag pile. If you want to try this look then use the technique that ensures the stitches won’t unravel when cut – see Knit & Stitch Creative Know-how 33.

If you want to have a go at this technique – and we’re sure you’ll want to! – why not experiment with different yarns? Use oddments from your stash to see how different yarns knit up – you’ll have fun seeing the different effects you can achieve. And if you decide to add some loop knitting to one of your projects, remember to make a swatch first so you can see how it works out and so you can calculate what size your finished trimming will be.