Are you having fun customising your throw? In Issue 35 of Knit & Stitch Creative we bring you the latest in our series of embellishing techniques and show you how to make a beaded fringe – the perfect way to add a bit of sparkle to some of the squares in your throw. Beads aren’t the only way you can add interest, there are all sorts of other elements you can use. Look back at Issue 11 for info on how to sew charms onto your throw, at Issues 2 and 20 for ideas on using buttons, and to Issue 17 for know-how on adding sequins. There are some great fabric options too – why not try adding some ricrac (see Issue 23) or a bit of lace (Issue 4)?

You can also get creative and make your own trims. In Issue 34 you can find out how to crochet decorative butterflies; in Issue 27 we show you how to make crocheted hearts. Both of these will look great on your throw, as well as being perfect trims for other projects. You can also make your own pompoms (see Issues 1 and 24) or felted flowers (see Issue 10). Or why not try adding some different cords? Look back at Issue 7 to discover how to make iCords, to Issue 12 for plaits and to Issue 31 for twisted cords.

Another exciting way to add interest to your throw is to use embroidery. You can add linear designs with, for example, running stitch (Issue 8), herringbone stitch (Issue 25) and couching (Issue 19). Or you can add highlights with individual stitches such as fly and lazy daisy stitches (see Issues 33 and 16 respectively). There are even embroidery stitches for texture – have a go at bullion knots (Issue 30) or French knots (Issue 22). And why not use duplicate stitch (see Issue 5) to personalise your throw with initials (Issue 29)?

Customising your throw is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity so, if you haven’t had a go already, why not try out some of these ideas? And when you have, don’t forget to send in your pictures to @CreaCrafts on Facebook.