Whether you’re welcoming a royal baby or an addition to your own family, there’s nothing quite like knitting for a new arrival. Making something for a new baby is a great way to show how much you care – its parents are bound to appreciate the time and effort that you’ve put into your knitting. And baby clothes – especially handmade ones – are often handed down from baby to baby and from generation to generation.

With a particular famous new baby in mind, we’ve created a special bonus pattern for you. Featuring red, white and blue stripes, this pattern is the perfect chance to create a baby’s cardigan with a patriotic twist! We’ve given you two versions of the same cardigan – one with predominantly red stripes, one with predominantly blue.

The pattern uses a 4-ply, wool-and-acrylic mix. You could use 100% acrylic or 100% wool yarn – just remember to check your tension before you start and adjust your needle size if necessary. Acrylic or wool-and-acrylic mixes are practical options because they are most likely to be machine washable – whereas most pure wool yarns need hand washing. And, let’s face it, babies need plenty of changes of clothing!

You can, of course, go with a different colour scheme. Why not go for something dramatic, like white teamed with yellow and turquoise? Or go for something softer – such as muted shades of pink or plum, combined with grey? Whatever you choose to do, remember to share your efforts with the rest of the creacrafts community.