When you start learning to knit it won’t be long before you want to get on with actually making something. But before you leap into action and get started on an ambitious project, it is worth practicing the basic stitches and some simple techniques.

In issue 1 of Knit & Stitch Creative, if you are a complete beginner, you will have learnt knit and purl—the basic stitches that are essential to all knitting. To get to grips with these stitches it’s a good idea to make some swatches—little pieces of knitting that allow you to practice the movements your hands need to make. Once you’ve practiced, you can make squares and rectangles – maybe turn out a simple square pot-holder or create a scarf. And, remember, if you choose the right yarn even a garter stitch scarf can turn out to be quite spectacular! 

When you want to move beyond making square or rectangular items, you’ll need to master some shaping skills. Shaping is often achieved by increasing and decreasing the number of stitches you have at strategic places; the basics for this technique are covered in Knit & Stitch Creative, issue 3.

In issue 4 of Knit & Stitch Creative, we’ve included two projects that are perfect for first-time knitters. We’ve got a pair of fingerless mittens that are made in basic stockinette (stocking) stitch with garter stitch ridges and which involve no shaping. And we’ve also included a really simple T-shaped sweater. Made in stockinette (stocking stitch), this top also uses the stitch shown in one of your issue 4 squares – moss stitch. 

But don’t worry if you’re not quite up to getting to grips with a garment yet. Keep practicing and try out the techniques in the Knit & Stitch Creative Know-How sections and you’ll soon be able to tackle some knitted clothing.