When you start knitting and crochet and you’re mastering the basic skills then your first makes might be a bit plain. Fortunately there are a few ways that you can customize your projects with handmade trims that will lift them out of the ordinary.

Tassels are a great example of such trims. They’re easy to make and can be just the finishing touch that you’re after.  If you’ve just made a striped cushion cover in garter stitch, adding multicolored tassels to the corners will turn a simple make into something special. Or trim the top of a beanie hat with a fluffy tassel for a look to turn heads!

Tassels can be made in the same color yarn as the rest of your project or you can experiment with different colors or even different yarns. And tassels don’t have to be made from wooly yarns alone – you can use embroidery thread, leather and suede strips, string or even raffia. And you can add extra interest with lengths of ribbon or beaded thread. Here’s a step-by-step to making your own beaded version.  

All you need for a basic tassel is your yarn, a piece of card and some sharp scissors. You’ll find the technique explained in the issue 3 Customizing Techniques feature – and look out for future articles on making even fancier examples! In issue 3 you’ll also find a pattern for an easy-to-make knitted cowl, trimmed with little tassels. And if you don’t fancy tassels, why not try pompoms? Look at the issue 1 Customizing Techniques feature to learn how to make your own. 

Here at CreaCrafts we love showing each other what we’ve been making, so if you have a go at tassels, don’t forget to share some pictures of your projects with us! Tag #CreaCrafts on Instagram, or post your pics to our Facebook wall.