Entrelac is a special technique that allows you to create a patchwork-like piece of knitting – but without having to sew together squares or shapes. The finished effect has the appearance of a textured basketweave – it looks as if the fabric has been made from interwoven strips of knitting. However, this is not the case; individual blocks of knitting are created as you go. Rather than knitting across the work in rows, the individual shapes are worked on in their entirety using a technique similar to short-row knitting.

It does look like a very complicated technique and although it isn’t something that a complete beginner would tackle, it does just use a combination of some simple basics. As with any new skill it is well worth practising before you start on a project using entrelac. So get out two different colours of spare yarn from your stash along with the appropriate needles and take a look at the know-how in issue 39. Cast on the recommended number of stitches and then follow the steps carefully, paying close attention to the instructions.

Don’t worry if at first you don’t succeed! Just unravel the work and try again. And once you feel confident that you’ve mastered the basic entrelac techniques why not have a go at the cushion in issue 39? We’d love to see how it turns out so don’t forget to share!