How are getting along with your knitted selfie? Have you made a start yet? If you haven’t, then download the pattern here and get out your needles. 

Our pattern for the head for your selfie gives a recommended yarn. However, you can use something different if you like. That might be another cotton yarn or it might be something you’ve got in your stash. The pattern is quick and easy so you could experiment with a variety of different yarns to see how which turns out the best.

Once you’ve got the head made it’s time to add the all-important features that will turn your knitted ball into a self-portrait. And a great place to start that is with the hair. Watch the how-to video here

When you think about it, a person’s hairstyle is one of their key features – whether it’s short or stubbly, crazy and curly, tied up in a bun or long and flowing, hair is a really distinctive part of anyone’s look. In your knit-a-selfie pattern you’ll find a number of suggestions as to how you can create a hairstyle for your selfie. However, we haven’t exhausted all the possibilities and you might come with some ideas of your own. If you do, don’t forget to share your creativity with the rest of the CreaCrafts community. 

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