Have you joined our #knitaselfie challenge? If so, you may have a cute finished object lying around but no idea what to do with it. Read on to discover our top 8 tips for putting your selfie to work. (Not made a selfie yet? Here’s the pattern!)

1 Express yourself(ie)

Is it time you changed up your Facebook pic? Knitted selfies make ideal profile pictures, and you can also use them as your avatar on your email, Skype, Ravelry or message boards. Your friends will know it’s you, but it’s a bit more anonymous than your real-life photo. Just don’t attempt to use a knitted selfie for your passport or driver’s license.

2 Collect them all

You can knit up a basic head knitted selfie in no time. So why not keep going and make the entire fam?

3 Take it travelling

If you’re camera shy or travelling alone, sub out your selfie in all your holiday hotspots. No selfie stick required!

4 Share it with friends

Send your besties, your hubby or your mum your selfie. They can add it to your contact in their phone so it’ll come up when you ring them and they’ll get a sweet reminder of your knitting skills.

5 Make a key fob

Never lose your car keys again! Your little selfie would look adorable hanging from your key chain. You can crochet a length of chain and stitch it to the top to make a loop, or attach a standard key ring fitting.

6 Gift it

Slip it into your partner’s work trip bag and you’ll always be with them on their travels. Or send it to your family if you don’t see them that often. Everyone loves getting something handmade in the mail.

7 Use it as a stress ball

Fidget spinners are so 2017. A knitted selfie makes a perfect desk toy to play with when you’re on the phone, squish around, or throw at the wall when you’re having a bad day.

8 Save it for Christmas

Why not add a little Santa hat to your selfie and pop it in the Christmas ornaments box? Or use knitted selfies instead of Christmas gift tags this year. Or stitch them to the top of plain Christmas stockings for a Pinterest-worthy festive fireplace.

Whatever you do with your knitted selfie, make sure you take a pic and upload it hereto enter the prize giveaway.

Happy knitting!