Once you get into knitting and crochet it doesn’t take long to build up a stash of yarn. Much of your stash will be yarn leftover from projects but you may also have a few balls of what might be described as ‘impulse buys’ – those yarns that were just too gorgeous to resist! Before you know it, the stash is taking over your home and you’re running out of storage solutions. When you get to that stage it’s time to do some serious stash busting! 

So what can you make with small amounts of yarn? Well, small things are the obvious answer: you can create quite a range of great gifts and accessories from pot holders through to cute toys. Why not try the little teddy from Knit & Stitch Creative issue 16? Or have a go at the furniture socks in Issue 9. And why not make a knitted selfie? You don’t need much yarn to create a hand-knitted portrait of yourself or a friend. There are quite a few garments that use very little yarn indeed – such as gloves, mittens, socks, wrist warmers and hats. You could make the fingerless mittens from issues 4 or 30, or try one of the great hats from Knit & Stitch Creative – look at issues 1, 7 and 12. Most baby clothes don’t use much yarn – especially hats, mitts and bootees. There are some lovely examples in Knit & Stitch Creative – have a look at issues 1, 22, 27 and the bonus pattern from issue 4.

if you have plenty of yarns in similar weight then you can make a blanket. You can knit or crochet simple squares and then stitch them together – or try more interesting shapes or motifs. Even if you don’t have enough in your stash to make a whole blanket in one go, you can get started with with what you have, then simply make more shapes as your stash grows. Alternatively, you can create a striped blanket and just add to it when new yarn arrives in your stash.

Another great way to use up spare bits of yarn – especially if you have only really small amounts – is to practise new skills. As you build up your Knit & Stitch Creative blanket you’re learning about a range of different stitches but you might not want to experiment with the special yarn you receive with each issue – so why not use oddments from your stash to try out any new stitches first? And there are some tricky knitting skills that take a bit of time to master – such as loop knitting (see Knit & Stitch Creative issue 34) or entrelac (see issue 39) – so work with some spare yarn from your stash to perfect your technique before embarking on a big project.

And if you’ve got any fun or innovative ideas as to how to bust your stash then don’t forget to share suggestions with the rest of the CreaCrafts community.

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