If you’ve been flicking through some fashion magazines lately, or scrolling through celebrities’ Instagram pages, you might have noticed that crochet swimwear is the BIG thing this summer. Crochet bikinis and swimsuits are absolutely everywhere – they are being sold in the big name high street shops and even celeb royalty like Kylie Jenner has been rocking the fashion. If you feel more comfortable in a swimsuit rather than a bikini, don’t worry – there’s inspiration for you out there too!

Unlike most of the crochet bikinis we’ve seen this summer, neutral colours are the go-to for the one-piece. It could be that because bikinis are much smaller, they suit an eye-popping colour, but a swimsuit in a bright pink might make your eyes ache!

It’s clear that crochet is ‘in’ this season and it’s great to see it on every high street and even on reality TV. When Dani from Love Island wore this beautiful crochet dress on the show it sold out pretty quickly! We can see why: pastel colours, especially purples, yellows/oranges and pinks are all the rage on the summer catwalks. They’re also the inspiration for the newest Crea yarn collection.

We think that making your own on-trend swimsuit or bikini in crochet would be an amazing way to indulge in your crafty passion while also getting holiday ready. You’re sure to turn heads on the beach in your one-of-a-kind creation. But it’s not just swimwear that is the crochet craze of the season. Crop tops and one-colour dresses are all the rage too.

Having a dress or crop top in one colour (rather than stripes or other patterns) creates a statement, especially in that gorgeous crochet look. Many fashion models are sporting fitted dresses in beautifully bright colours like coral, which you could wear in the day and evening. So pick your favourite summer colour and start crocheting!

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