Have you ever needed help with a knotty knitting problem and just couldn’t find the solution online? Would the advice of a more experienced fellow knitter have helped? Then maybe you’d benefit from being part of a knitting group.

Joining a knitting group is a great way to meet like-minded people local to you and to make new knitting friends. If you already know how to knit then you could find that a knitting group is a great place to learn new techniques. You might even be able to pick up new craft skills – such as crochet or cross stitch. And if you are a beginner then a knitting group is where you can discover some useful tips and get help from people with a bit of experience.

To find a knitting group then you can simply use a search engine and look for ‘knitting groups near me’. Alternatively, you can look on Ravelry and search under their ‘Groups’ heading. But what do you do if you can’t find one near you? Well, you could consider starting one yourself. Clearly a group needs members, so how do you recruit some fellow knitters? You could start out by asking your local friends if they’re interested – you might not realise that they’re knitters or that they would like to learn. If you need to extend your search then why not post something on a social media platform about your plans and hope that other local knitters looking for a group will find you that way. You could also try something old-school and put up a notice in your local yarn shop. Or maybe pin something up in a community space – such as the local school, library, village hall or post office.

You also need to work out where you’re going to meet as this will determine how many members you can accommodate. You could meet up in members’ homes but then your group will probably have to be small. If you need more space but don’t want to pay for using a meeting room then why not approach a local café or pub and see if they would allow your group to meet up on their premises? You might also be able to get together in the local library – contact the librarian to see what’s possible. 

You should also think about how much organising you want to take on. If the group’s a small one then there might not be too much admin involved and you can tackle things on your own. But if your group grows and has a lot of knitters then you should consider sharing the running of the group with one or more of the other members.

 Whatever you do, you’ll soon discover the benefits of shared knitting experiences as well as enjoying the chance to make new friends. And if you’re already part of a group then let us know all about it – we love to hear your knitting stories here at Crea HQ!

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