We’re all a bit different when it comes to our crafting style. Do you know your knitting personality type? Answer our fun quiz to find out!

You’re taking a trip to your local yarn store. How does that go?

  1. You’ve got a photograph of your pattern on your phone so you can buy exactly what you need for your next project.
  2. You’ve picked up what you need, plus a few extra skeins that were on sale. The ladies in your knitting group are sure to be able to use them for something!.
  3. You come away with a piece of everything. You might need a bigger car. And a bigger bank account.

What does your craft storage look like?

  1. An inspiring oasis or harmony and creativity
  2. Crowded with a stack of 20 baby hats you’ve sourced from knitters in the community to give to local hospitals.
  3. It’s not stored as such… it’s just everywhere!

What’s in your project bag?

  1. A copy of your current pattern, your project notes, labelled pieces of your item stored safely in ziplock bags
  2. A baby blanket for your neighbour’s grandchild. They’ll be able to treasure this forever.
  3. A half-made sweater you’ll come back to later, some leftover ends of yarn, and an oversized sock you haven’t got round to frogging yet

What’s the go-to pattern you’ve made multiple times?

  1. A simple kids’ sweater. You’ve kept notes each time you’ve re-sized it, so you know exactly what to do each time.
  2. Patchwork squares. The blankets come together so nicely for charity donations.
  3. Why would anyone make something twice? Too many patterns, too little time!

What’s the first thing you do when you start a new item?

  1. Work out your yarn requirements to make sure all of your skeins are from the same dye lot. Knit and block a gauge, and re-do it with smaller needles if needed. You don’t want to find out that the size is wrong halfway through!
  2. Have a sneaky peek at your friend’s closet to find out their favourite colours and materials. That way, the gift will be extra-special.
  3. Dive straight in. If something doesn’t work out, you’re happy to chop and change as you go.

What would be your favourite knitting gift?

  1. A lovely set of interchangeable circular needles. It’s wasteful to have lots of versions of the same thing lying around.
  2. Some gorgeous sew-on gift tags to add to your finished objects before you give them away.
  3. Small things like yarn needles, safety pins and stitch markers, since they’re always going missing down the side of the couch.


Mostly 1s

You are a Zen Knitter

You are meticulous, conscientious and super-organised. You love having everything in its place, and this attention to detail comes across in your work. Your finished items are the envy of other knitters, because there’s never a stitch out of place.

Mostly 2s

You are a Heart of Gold Knitter

You’re always inspired by the joy your finished objects can bring to others. Your love for your fellow human beings (and furry friends!) comes across in your work. Your generosity inspires others.

Mostly 3s

You are a Creative Chaos Knitter

You don’t need to get too far into the details to make something beautiful! Your work is expressive and gives you great joy. Other knitters can learn from your ability to loosen up, adapt and make changes on the fly.