If you’re new to knitting (or even if you’re not), it always helps to connect with other knitters and share tips, tricks and ideas. We asked our Facebook community about the things they wish they’d known when they got started. Here are some of our favourite reader tips and tricks.

Pick the right toolkit

Metal, plastic, bamboo… we all have different preferences, and what’s right for one person or project might not be right for another.

Heather said “Wooden needles are sooooo much better to work with than metal…would have saved me a ton of money if I’d just bought wooden from the start”.

Meral: “I wish circular needles had been invented long ago; would’ve saved heaps of time & trouble sewing pieces together!”.

Fixing mistakes

We’ve all been there: our project is coming along nicely, we’re close to the finishing line, and then…. Oops! A dropped stitch or a knit where a purl should be, several rows down.

Lizzy said “I wish I’d known how to pick up a dropped stitch instead of having to undo all my work”.

Dianne said that “Unpicking or undoing is just a matter of practice. I usually have a couple of stitch holders handy when I have this problem just in case. The saying “slow and steady wins the race” is good advice”.

We’ll have more on fixing common knitting mistakes coming up in the blog soon.

Finishing touches

Paul Julie Robins regrets not remembering to leave a yarn tail to sew in and finish the job!
“I have knitted a whole stripy throw rug and only left a couple of inches”

Keep collecting

Do you ever feel like your knitting materials are taking over? Most of us can relate! On the other hand, Janet said “Wish id never thrown my vast collection of needles/hooks and patterns in dustbin when i thought i couldn’t knit anymore- my hands were too painful. Have started knitting/crocheting again”.

We’re glad your needles are back in action, Janet!

And Joanne said her solution is to “Buy a bigger house for the yarn stash! Hahaha”

What do you wish you’d known when you first started knitting? Tell us in the comments!