We all love knitting for a good cause, and it’s hard to resist the cuteness of baby animals of any kind! Well we think you’re going to love this… how about knitting a jumper for a lamb?

Lamb Jumpers is based in Australia and has been calling on knitters around the world to make a little jumper for a lamb to help them during the drought.

The jumpers serve a really important purpose for the little lambs as many of them are either orphaned, or their mothers aren’t strong enough to naturally support them because they are part of a set of twins/triplets. So the fantastic farmers feed these lambs by hand and keep them snug with a hand knitted jumper!

We asked Candace Wilson, who works for the charity, how important it is for the lambs to have these jumpers. She said: “They help to provide the warmth that a mother would usually provide, and act as a windbreak in the ice cold wind that much of the eastern states are getting hit with at the moment. In the same way as a human baby requires help to stay warm so do these young animals.”

What a lovely idea! The charity has sent over 1,000 jumpers to farmers and more requests are coming in daily.

If you would like to get involved, the knitting pattern is provided on their Facebook page – it’s basically a jumper fit for a small dog, that’s the size that is needed.

All pictures are courtesy of the Lamb Jumpers Facebook page.