Whether you’re handling needles for the first time or a seasoned expert looking for a new approach to a technique, YouTube has something for you! From friendly chats with crafters talking about their work in progress to close up explanations of tricky techniques and reviews of the latest knitting and crochet materials, YouTube is a goldmine for knitting and craft videos. We’ve rounded up some of our fave go-to channels when we’re looking for knitting inspiration online.


Don’t be fooled by the name- this channel is not all about socks! If you’ve ever wanted to try double knitting, Sockmatician Nathan has some of the clearest explanations we’ve seen to demonstrate all aspects of this versatile double-sided technique. He also has a regular podcast slot to talk about events, materials and Q&As.

Little Drops of Wonderful

We love Ali’s fun and friendly videos about all things knitting, crochet and yarn! This channel is perfect for cuddling up with your knitting and a cup of tea to get some inspiration, a closeup look at some beautiful yarns and chat about all things wooly.

Very Pink Knits

If you’re looking for in-depth explanations on knitting techniques, patterns, product reviews and giveaways, knitwear designer Staci at Very Pink Knits has a great channel to binge watch. Her videos are quick and precise, perfect if you’re stealing a few quick minutes to catch up on your knitting, or looking for guidance on a specific technique.

Happy Berry

You might recognise Happy Berry’s crochet channel, but did you know that Laura also has a YouTube channel with some videos that are all about knitting? You can find crochet tutorials including some super cute Amigurumi here and knitting instructions here.

And of course, you can find demonstrations of every stitch in the Knit & Stitch Creative collection on the CreaCrafts YouTube channel.

Is there a video you’d like to see? Or are you starting your very own knitting YouTube channel? Get in touch and let us know!