Today we’re putting one of our favourite customising techniques under the Crea microscope: fringes!

Why do we love fringes so much? They’re quick to do, you can use your yarn ends, and best of all, they have the power to totally transform your knitting and craft projects. And they are true multi-taskers: a simple fringed finish can beautify an untidy edge, pop some colour into a plain scarf, and add movement and “swish appeal” to clothes and accessories.

Everyone’s first fringe: the knotted fringe

This is the classic fringe you’ve seen on scarves, rug edges and lots of projects around the home. There’s a good reason for this: it’s simple, effective and you can scale it up or down to create as much or little volume as you like. Click here to watch how it’s done.

Level two: the knotted fringe

Once you’ve mastered the basic fringe, you can take it up a notch with the addition of a few carefully-spaced joins. You can see how we’ve used these boho details to add interest to accessories and pieces around the home. The key to getting these right is the spacing: measure to make sure you’re adding your knots at equal intervals and pin or mark them in place before you start with the joins. Find out how it’s done here.

Level three: the beaded fringe

If you’re looking for a more intricate edging, the beaded fringe could be the technique you’re looking for. Just as it sounds, this delicate fringe is worked in thread, rather than yarn. You can get really creative with these fringes by changing up the colour, shape and texture of the beads you use. Just make sure you use a strong thread, and choose beads that suit your finished fabric, so that their weight won’t pull your item out of shape. Click here for the video.

Level four: the crochet chain loop fringe

These voluminous fringes create a structured edging that’s perfect for trimming soft furnishing and accessories. Start with a double crochet edging, and work your chains from here, looping back round once you reach the desired length. Make sure you pick a yarn weight that corresponds with your project to get the balance just right. Watch the instruction video here.

Have you used fringes in your knitting, crochet and craft projects? Or do you have another technique that we might not have seen? Tag your projects on social media using #CreaCrafts to share your work with the community!