Buttonholes are handy for all sorts of garments and gifts such as cardigans and purses. With winter in full force it’s always handy to have a button-up jacket or cardigan you can wear as an extra layer under your coat.

Buttonholes need to work with the style of your garment and be the correct size for your buttons. Follow the steps to create the perfect buttonholes on knitted and crocheted fabrics.

Round buttonholes

If you want to use a very small button – on a baby’s garment, for example – you can make a simple one-stitch buttonhole.

On a knit row, bring the yarn to the front of the work – yarn forward. The yarn forward will lay over the right needle when you work the next stitch, so making a stitch.
Insert the right needle in the second stitch on the left needle, then insert it in the first stitch and knit the 2 stitches together.
On the following row, knit the yarn forward as a stitch. You now have a small buttonhole.

Horizontal Buttonhole

Start by knitting the stitches, then cast off the number of stitches indicated to make the buttonhole.

On the first row, knit to the position of the buttonhole. Slip the next stitch purlwise, then knit the next stitch. Insert the left needle into the slipped stitch and lift it over the knitted stitch to cast off 1 stitch.
Knit the next stitch, then lift the previous stitch on the right needle over this stitch to cast off a second stitch. Cast off the number of stitches required and complete the row.
On the second row, work to the cast-off stitches, then cast on the same number of stitches as have been cast off on the previous row; complete the row.

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