Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019… So now it’s that time where you want to start afresh and you might be looking at your leftovers of yarn thinking ‘what am I going to do with these?’. It’s a shame to throw them out, as there’s many cute things you can make with them and consequently get your stash cleared for the year ahead!

Why not try some of these…

Cute Slippers

You can make a pair of adorable baby slippers with only 25g of yarn. They are generally made using stocking stitch and garter stitch, and you can add trims or a yarn bow.

Egg Cosies

Whether you have enough yarn to make just the one, or several, these egg cosies will jazz up your breakfast! If you have different colours you could make one for each member of the family sitting round the table.


Make some bobbles and then use them to customise your blankets, hats, cushions and more!



You can make a bookmark using only 25g of yarn, so if you’re an avid reader then knit yourself a lovely bookmark which is sure to be unique.




You can make pompoms using one or two colours, using a cardboard ring or a pompom maker. Add pompoms to hats, scarfs and some household items.


Tissue Pouch

It’s so easy to lose that packet of tissues in your bag! Use your scraps of yarn to make a little tissue pouch for easy finding.

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