Whether you are new to knitting or you consider yourself somewhat of a pro, you may not realise the great positive effects that knitting actually has on your mind and body. If you’re looking to take up knitting as one of your new year’s resolutions, it’s a good time to because of these wonderful benefits…


There are times when life gets busy and stressful, and although knitting may be the last thing you think of doing, it is one of the best activities to undertake if you want to de-stress. Go into a quiet room, or have some of your favourite music on if you prefer, and just start knitting away. It will give you time to focus on something other than the thing that caused you stress in your day, and you’ll find knitting has the same effects as meditation.

Helps with depression

A study conducted by Brunel University found that people with depression who took up a craft like knitting, had their self-esteem and engagement with people increased, therefore helping with their depression symptoms. This was also the case with people who had chronic fatigue syndrome too!

Slows onset of dementia

Thanks to the way that knitting engages your brain and creativity, it has been reported that it can slow the onset of dementia in older people. Knit for Peace published a report, backed by a survey of over 1,000 knitters, which showed that knitting helps to slow down the progress of dementia because of the way your brain is used. It’s similar to the way sudoku and doing other puzzles are said to keep your brain ‘ticking over’.

Helps prevent arthritis

Dr Barron, a psychiatrist with the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, has reported that knitting keeps the joints in your fingers nimble and builds up the cartilage. This helps to prevent arthritis because your fingers and hands get stronger!

Aids with chronic pain

Incredibly, it has been found that knitting helps people who suffer from chronic pain! The Royal United Hospital in Bath conducted a study on patients with chronic pain and found that the meditative qualities of knitting helped them in several ways. Knitting releases serotonin in the brain which causes feelings of happiness and serenity, and furthermore the activity helped to distract the patients from the pain they were in.

Now that you know the main health benefits of this wonderful craft, we hope this inspires you to knit more and create beautiful things! Show us your makes via Instagram or Facebook!