There are a lot of garments and other projects that are knitted in the round – in other words, worked in such a way that you form a seamless tube. This can be done by using either a set of double-pointed needles or by using a circular needle. Generally speaking, double-pointed needles are used for smaller items and circular needles for larger projects. However, there is a way to use a single circular needle for makes like socks and gloves rather than a set of four or five double-pointed needles – which can be a bit fiddly. The technique is known as the Magic Loop method. All you need is a circular needle with tips the right size for your project and a cable at least 80cm long.

Cast on the number of stitches required then pull them along to the centre of the cable.
Find the centre of the cast-on stitchesand pull a loop of the cable out from between the stitches at this point, making sure the cast-on edge isn’t twisted.
Draw the cable through the stitches so that they slide onto the needles. Hold the needles so that the last cast-on stitch and the working yarn are on the top needle.
Pull the top needle through stitches; this becomes the right-hand needle with which you will work. Using the right-hand needle, knit all the stitches on the left-hand needle.
5 Pull on the cable to draw the left-hand needle back through the cast-on stitches. Rotate the needles, so the tips point to the right and the stitches you have just knitted are on the underside.
Pull the needle through these stitches so they are on the cable and the needle is free to knit the remainder of the cast-on stitches.
When you’ve knitted the remaining cast-on stitches, pull on the cable so all the stitches are on both needles. Rotate the needles, as before. You are back at the beginning of the round (you may want to use a stitch marker to mark this point).

Continue in the same way, switching from one needle to the other to work both sidesof each round, using the cable to pull the needles into position.