Plastic or metal press fasteners are quick and easy to use, and are available in a multitude of sizes to suit anything from a neat make-up bag (see Knit & Stitch Creative, issue 18) to a chunky cushion cover.

If you want to add a press fastener to something you’ve made, just to give it a practical finishing touch, here are the simple steps to do this yourself.

Position the complete fastener on one knitted edge. Mark its position with a pin. Place the fastener on the opposite knitted edge and repeat. Thread a needle in a colour to match the knitting yarn.
Hold one part of the fastener in position and remove the pin. Secure the thread at the back and bring the needle through to the front and through the first hole. Work several stitches over each hole in turn, taking care not to let the fastener move.
Line up the opposing half of the fastener in the marked position on the opposite knitted edge and remove the pin. Stitch in place as before, making sure the fastener doesn’t slip as you work.