When it comes to knitting, are you slow and steady or do you just have to blink and you’ve already completed 5 rows?

If you’ve ever thought about pitting your skills to the test, maybe you should consider the Speed Knitting Championship that takes place every spring in Paris. Conducted during the Aiguille en Fête Show, the Speed Knitting Contest (Le championnat de France de vitesse de tricot) brings together the quickest knitters across France for the ultimate showdown. The competition runs throughout the show’s three-day run and sees more than 220 avid knitters competed for the title of France’s Fastest Knitter. The challenge? To complete the most stitches possible in rows of 60 in just three minutes.

This year, Brittany native Catherine Bouënard defended her title to win her 7thconsecutive championship with a record-breaking 267 stitches. The secret to her success? Metal needles. Catherine told French publication Le Télégramme “it’s impossible for me to knit more than 247 stitches with plastic needles. Eventually, on Saturday afternoon I was able to swap those needles for metal ones and I saw a difference very quickly”.

From Saturday evening, Catherine was back in the lead with 261 stitches, already beating her winning score last year of 258. Then, on Sunday night Catherine reached her new record of 267 a total of 3 times, setting her apart from the other competitors and cementing her title as France’s Fastest Knitter.

Now in its 14thyear, the Speed Knitting Championship is the flagship event of Aiguille en Fete. It’s open to all ages and abilities and is free to enter. If you think you’ve got what it takes to knock Catherine off the top spot next year, you’ve got a whole year to practice. Excuse me while I find myself some metal needles…