Knitting extraordinaire Amanda Berry became fascinated with the art of designing ever since she was a little girl. Her talent certainly knows no bounds, and when she decided to make the lovely sheep and lamb duo for our Spring Knit & Stitch special, we were absolutely delighted. After sitting down with her for a brief cuppa, we got all the details on her creative process. Read on to find out what was said…

What first sparked your interest in knitting?

My biggest motivator who gave me the courage to delve into the crafting world was my Mum. She was a knitter and taught me the basics when I was a little girl – I started out by making scarves and clothes for my teddies and thus my love for creating grew.

What inspires your creative style and who are your biggest influences?

I love cartoons and animation. As a child I grew up watching Warner Brothers cartoons and reading Asterix books. So, whenever I have to think up a new design, I definitely include my love of the two into my initial thought process.

Take us through the design process of the sheep and lamb duo for the Spring Knit & Stitch Creative…

I was given a thorough brief, which included imagery examples, measurements and essentials that would be needed to make this adorable duo. To make the most of the texture of the yarn I used it in all of the pieces such as the tops of the ears and legs, to make an extra cuddly pair.

Four fab tips for beginner knitters…

  • Always set aside time for seaming and finishing, and don’t rush.
  • I use shorter 25cm needles as I find them more comfortable when knitting smaller pieces.
  • When knitting with the textured yarn check your stitch count on every row. It is very easy to drop or pick up an extra stitch without realising.
  • Knit healthily; take plenty of breaks from knitting to give your fingers a rest. I set a 30 minute timer to make sure that I stop at regular intervals. I also knit standing up so that I am not too sedentary throughout the day.

What’s next for Amanda Berry’s creative journey?

I have started to knit bigger projects, and am planning to create a huge blue whale in the near future. While I absolutely love to knit, I occasionally do some tapestry and sewing. I would like to challenge myself by learning new crafts such as silversmithing and woodwork.


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I drink coffee.

Do you have any hobbies outside of crafting?

I love to cook Japanese food and roll my own sushi.

What would you take with you to a desert island?

SPF100 sun cream, mosquito repellent and a parasol.