The extension of Knit & Stitch Creative, from #80 onwards, features a whole new array of interesting, decorative and textured stitches, so why not give them a go? Here’s a quick taster to show what creative fun awaits – if you haven’t already tried them…

Linked Rib stitch
Alternate Bobble Stripes stitch

Alternate Bobble Stripes (#81) gives you just that: lines of small bobbles against reverse stocking stitch for instant texture – great for quick, cosy makes like the chunky stool cover in that issue. Then there’s Linked Rib (#82), resembling a tiny cable, and jute stitch (#87), worked in a two-row repeat that delivers a delicious texture. The two stitch patterns from #84 look lovely in contrasting tones of buttercream and grey: Aster stitch for a charming flower effect and the perfectly named Basket Weave.

Jute stitch

Then you can keep your needles poised for Little Arrowhead, Brioche Rib, Lacy Checks and more… Happy knitting!