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VIDEO: Joining your squares!

In Issue 24 of Knit & Stitch Creative magazine you'll discover something exciting - how your squares will be joined together to make your beautiful throw! Watch the video above to...

Shine bright like a diamond (stitch)

The embossed diamonds pattern is a distinctive stitch that will look lovely as part of Knit and Stitch Creative's throw. It's created by working moss stitch on a stocking stitch background and is...

Knitting on the round with double-pointed needles

Have you ever tried knitting on the round? Many knitters of varying levels prefer knitting in this way rather than knitting flat with two flat needles. In the video above you'll...

Garter stitch – mastering the basics

Was the first stitch you ever learned garter stitch? This simple stitch is created by using the knit stitch on every single row. It's easy to learn but essential to master because...

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